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PowerPoint presentations carry lots of importance within the business as you need them at each stage like product presentation, company presentation, sales displays, trade event presentations, and company profile representations and more.

We have employed the presentation designing consultants to make it easier for the clients within the decision making of outsourcing their PowerPoint Presentation to create it as a professional quality presentation.

Our professional design team converts your business ideas and sales demonstrations to amazing PowerPoint displays that increase your sales and hence ROI to a next level. We are adept at planning and redesigning of PPT for a higher visual attractiveness to the customers. We are here to deliver superb infographic based mostly displays. We tend to ensure that we tend to deliver your projects on time.

We specialize in creating PowerPoint presentations per the client brand or company guideline. Our team of consultants creates PowerPoint templates as well per the need of the clients.

We design customized PowerPoint presentations to impress and encourage your potential audience and to expand your business commitment. We tend to additionally add animations, gifs, images, and objects to create your displays even more enticing.

We showcase your potency, ability, experience, success and even more through powerful visuals used in the PowerPoint presentations created by us.

Overview of Features


Let your presentations be a Deal Maker instead of being a Deal Breaker. we provide a comprehensive range of services, from crafting obvious graphics to presentation templates that job like magic to draw in, engage, and convert your audience. Let our presentation design specialists take over the task, and facilitate your take your audience on a visible journey providing visual clarity and impact to your message.


Infographics come alive! Embrace the new generation of infographics – GIFographics. we produce animated infographics as GIFs to assist you present your message to the audience during a unique and interactive thanks to steal their attention. If you haven't created GIFs a part of your visual content marketing strategy, there isn't any higher time to start out. Our GIFographics specialists are ready to breathe life in your Infographics.


Exploit the incredible power of custom videos and animations to your business advantage with Sunbird and get your message imposed on your customers’ minds during a visually appealing method. Our video production process is simple: we tend to perceive your business, modify your message, convert it into motion graphics, wrap it up with voiceover, and voila! an amazing custom video that effectively connects along with your audience.


Grab eyeballs by breaking complex data into bite-sized nuggets of expendable visuals. Our customized Infographics are the right combination of text, statistics/ figures, graphics and design to assist you present complicated stories and information during a simplified and creative method. stay prior to the curve in today’s digital world, wherever appealing multimedia system is as equally vital as the text-based content! .


Scroll-stopping graphics for your social media pages to create maximum impact. Graphi Tales has a specialized team of designers who use the best and proven practices to design compelling customized graphics that seamlessly blends with your brand. We can help you engage your followers and fans on different social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and more

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